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The Coloradoan on the City Council Race in District 2

Updated: Oct 21

The Coloradoan has published several pieces recently, including a Q&A with Julie and a voter guide comparing the District 2 candidates.

Q&A with Julie Pignataro

In the recent Q&A, Julie Pignataro shares why she's running for re-election and her perspective on key issues in our city.

A Q&A with Julie Pignataro, running for re-election to Fort Collins City Council District 2

by Rebecca Powell, Senior government accountability reporter Published October 10th

"I am, first and foremost, a 30-year Fort Collins resident and CSU grad who stayed in Fort Collins to raise my family. I want to continue to lead with integrity for our community. Fort Collins should be a special place enjoyed by all our residents and to make that happen, the City Council needs forward-thinking officials who listen to what all community members have to say.

The current rift in our community has brought to the forefront the no growth/pro-growth dichotomy that has plagued Fort Collins for decades. This leaves room for cohesion building and collaboration which will need dynamic leaders with intelligence, empathy, and curiosity. I have shown myself to hold these values and will continue to show up in that way."

Voter Guide: Comparing the Candidates for District 2

The Coloradoan published a District 2 Voter Guide comparing the candidates on the ballot, including Julie. Please note: Sean McCoy recently dropped out and endorsed Julie; his name will still be on the ballot due to the timing of his announcement.

Voter guide: What to know about City Council District 2 race between Pignataro, Hamrick

by Rebecca Powell, Senior government accountability reporter

Published October 13th

From the article, Julie's top priorities for the beginning of her next term:

  • "Making plans for safer transportation, the 15-minute city and reducing waste are on Pignataro's early agenda, along with getting started on U+2 residential occupancy discussions."

  • "The next step of the land use code, phase 2, will focus on business and transit, "and that’s what I’m excited about," she said. The 15-minute-city concept is the idea that a resident can access whatever they need for their daily life —like shopping, work, school and leisure — by taking only a 15-minute walk, bike ride or public transit ride."

  • "Vision Zero is another priority for Pignataro: That's part of the city's transit plan to eliminate all loss of life or serious injury on the transportation system. It aims to do this by using data and design to create safer conditions for the most vulnerable road users — like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists — and to reduce motor vehicle dependence because they are involved in almost all serious crashes."

  • "Next, with the citywide trash hauling contract going into effect next fall, Fort Collins must focus on having a successful rollout, she said."

  • "Finally, Pignataro is preparing for the work that will be done to consider the U+2 occupancy ordinance that currently says no more than three unrelated people can live in the same home."

Thank you to the Coloradoan and journalist Rebecca Powell for publishing the voter guide and covering the 2023 election to inform residents of their choices.

Have a question for Julie? Get in touch here. She listens carefully to ideas and concerns and collaborates to find solutions.

Hi, I'm Julie.

I'm a CSU grad and mom who stayed to raise my family in our beautiful city.

Since my days at CSU, I’ve been a dedicated community volunteer and advocate for clean air, attainable housing, and accountable government.

I’m proud to serve you and District 2. I humbly ask for your vote. 

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